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Ways To Communicate With Your Customers

In today’s business landscape, building and nurturing relationships with customers is paramount to success. But how do you ensure that your communication efforts resonate with a diverse range of customers?

The answer lies in embracing the idea of offering multiple contact channels. Gone are the days when a single phone line or email address would suffice. In today’s fast-paced and interconnected society, providing various means of reaching out to your customers is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

In this blog, we’ll explore the different methods available for maintaining a clear line of communication with your customers within the ServiceWorks software:

Automated Notifications

As you create, edit, and complete jobs within ServiceWorks, you’ll have the option of sending out a corresponding notification related to the task at hand. Each of the notification templates can be customized to better suit your business needs, making this a very useful feature when it comes to keeping your customers informed on current activities. These notifications can be sent either via email, text, or even robocall – fully covering all major methods of communication with your customers

More info on Notifications: Notifications

Invoicing & Statements

While you have the ability to send your invoices out via automation, you can also manually send invoices or invoice reminders to your customers as well. This is ideal for situations where you’d prefer to be in control of when invoices are sent to customers or if a customer doesn’t receive an email in their inbox. In addition, you’ll also have the ability to send bulk invoices out to multiple customers as well as copies of the same invoice to different email addresses if need be. This can also be done within our mobile app as well.

With Statements, you can manually send your customers a notification with a payment link, allowing them to pay directly from the statement emails

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eBlast / SMS Blast

The eBlast and SMS Blast features can be used to send out quick, mass messages to your customers. These are mostly used for sending out quick notifications to large groups of customers, such as promoting a special offer or posting altered business hours. Unlike the other notifications, these are limited to sending text only, so you may want to go with an alternate option if you are trying to attach items such as photos or individual files

More info: eBlast | SMS Blast

Two-Way Messaging

Our two-way messaging feature enables you to send personalized SMS messages to both employees and customers. This functionality is available on both the desktop and mobile app versions of the ServiceWorks software, ensuring seamless communication. It proves especially useful when you need to promptly follow up with a technician on-site or gather additional information from a customer while seeking a swift response.

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Mailchimp Integration

ServiceWorks offers seamless integration with Mailchimp, allowing you to effortlessly connect your Mailchimp account and streamline your email marketing efforts. By integrating the two platforms, you gain the ability to send out various email campaigns directly to your customers through ServiceWorks. Whether it’s reminders, promotional events, newsletters, or other communications, you can be sure to reach your audience effectively. Additionally, you can conveniently track the performance of your emails using Mailchimp’s robust analytics, ensuring that your campaigns are optimized for success

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