Combined Invoice – All in One

If you are looking for bulk invoicing you have come to the right place! In ServiceWorks every Job you create results into an Invoice automatically. You can send this invoice to the customers via email and receive payments from an external link. But what would you do, if you want to send multiple invoices at once at the end of a certain period and collect one-time payment for all invoices? ServiceWorks now offers the mechanism of creating a combined invoice to solve this problem.

Create Combined Invoice

Go to Invoice Page.

Click New Invoice button on top right. This will open up the Combined Invoice Creation page.

Search for the customer next to the Bill To box. Tab off and automatically all the jobs that are completed and not paid for that customer or where the customer is responsible for billing will show up in the right panel.

You can pick all the jobs that you want to put as part of this invoice and click on Add Jobs button. This will automatically add the jobs and display all the relevant price information. I picked 4 jobs out of this list. You will see Subtotal of each job and total of all jobs at the bottom. You can change the position of the job by grabbing the handle on the left and moving the job up or down. The template for Combined invoice is under Configuration for Combined Invoice Template. You can add anything you want as the header of the Invoice but the jobs will be displayed as designed by the system. If the Combined Invoice Template is unchecked then the Invoice will NOT BE sent.

Enter other information about the invoice and Save the Invoice as Draft or Send the Invoice Immediately.

Tipping: This will automatically add a Tip box in the external payment page.

Card On file: If you check this option it will prompt the customer to save card on file.

Add Additional Recipient: You can send the copy of this invoice to additional people if you want.

Note: You can’t preview the invoice if you don’t save it as a draft.

Preview of the Invoice.

This is the same view that get’s sent when you send the email. The template for this email is in the configuration for Combined Invoice Email. If the template is checked off automated notification for combined invoice is disabled, however you can still send manual invoice.

Customers will click the Pay Invoice button to pay the invoice online using Credit Card.

This is what they will see in the payment page.

You can go to the invoice page and look up any combined invoice details from the grid view when the search option is set to Combined Invoice. You can see whether the invoice is paid or not, sent or not. You can click the three dots on the end of the row to Send or Edit the invoice.

If you now look up the Customer A/R of Jacob James, you will still see all the pending jobs that are not paid.

In the statement of Jacob James you will see all the paid job and the unpaid jobs listed.


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