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Feature: Multiple Invoice Emails

Now when you send out invoice emails in the ServiceWorks software, you can select multiple addresses to send them to. You may find yourself using this function in situations where more than one party needs a copy of the work performed, without having to send each email individually. Lets go over how to accomplish this within ServiceWorks:

First, navigate to Jobs -> All Jobs and select the invoice you wish to send out via email.

Next, click the Action button in the lower right hand corner and select Email Invoice to continue

Once selected, a prompt should appear with a list of each email associated with that customers profile.

Note: only the email addresses saved within the Address section will appear in this prompt. If you need to add new email addresses, you will need to do so PRIOR to sending multiple invoice emails. by going to Customer on the toolbar and selecting Customers.

(Click here for more information on how to add new address information to your customer’s account)

Now that you’ve click ed on the Email Invoice option, you can perform the following within this menu:

  • When adding emails via toggles, the addresses will auto-populate in the To section
  • You can use the CC function to send a copy to email addresses outside of the ones listed above
  • Send a subject title along with your emailed invoices
  • Attach job, survey, content (photos), or documents to your invoice

Once finished, click Save to send the invoice out to all the selected email addresses

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