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Feature: Good, Better, Best – Multi-Option Estimations

Good, better, best pricing is the practice of quoting clients three or more service levels, each with an increase in both cost and value. Its often used in service businesses to differentiate their services, close higher-priced jobs, and sell on total value instead of costs.

This estimation feature is now available within ServiceWorks! Here’s a detailed tutorial on how to access and utilize this function:

Setting Up Multi-Option Estimations

Before you get started with sending out your various estimates to your customers, you’ll need to configure the layout of your estimates. Clicking the cogwheel in the upper right-hand corner, navigate to Configuration -> Estimation Settings -> Multioption Estimation Template

From this menu, you can edit the template to your specific business needs via HTML/CSS with the Source button, copy/paste the dynamic data tags from the Legend on the right, or enable/disable the toggles within the Page Setting panel.

You can also select from a premade list of estimate styles by clicking on the Select a Template link.

Once you’ve finished making your selection, be sure to hit Save before continuing.

Creating a Multi-option Estimate

Now that you’ve set up your estimation template, you are ready to send your estimates off to your customers.

First, you’ll need to navigate to the toolbar and select Jobs -> All Estimations to access the Estimation view. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to create the estimations you want to send to the customer BEFORE sending them as a multi-option estimate as you will not be able to create them during this operation.

Next, click on the Action dropdown button and select Create Multioption Estimation

In the following menu, enter the name of the customer to whom you’d like to send multiple estimates. When you enter the customer’s name, all associated estimations should appear on the right side. You can also use the Add Additional Recipient link to add more than one customer to send this estimate selection.

In the example below, we’re going to use the Select All option to select all the available estimates. There is no limit on the amount of estimates you can send at once.

In the Estimation Details panel, you’ll have the option to renumber your estimations, change the expiration date of your estimations, and create a title for your email and a message to be sent.

When finished, click the Add Estimations button.

Now that you’ve selected the estimate variants you wanted, you’ll have the option to do a few things:

  • Reorganize the list of estimates by using the icon
  • Use the Add Tag button to add descriptors to each estimate (i.e.: Good, Better, Best, etc)
  • Use the Preview button to see a sample of what your customers will receive
  • Use the Save As Draft to save your progress to return to it later

When satisfied with your selections, click Send to email the estimates to the selected customer

Approving Estimates

Now that you’ve sent off your estimates to be approved, you’ll need to wait on your customer’s response. Here’s what they’ll see on their end, and how it’ll look when they’ve approved one of the estimates.

When opening their email, they’ll receive a PDF file with all the estimates attached. Each one will display the tag attached from earlier, as well as an Approve button on the bottom of each estimate.

Your customer will then select the estimate that works best for their needs and select Approve. Note, that only one estimate can be approved. In this example, we’re going to approve the estimate for $532.25

Once they’ve clicked the approve button, a prompt will come up to capture both a printed version of the customer’s name as well as a field to capture a customer’s signature.

Verifying Approved Estimates

When an estimate has been approved on the customer’s end, it will cause all other estimates sent to them to be marked as declined. You should also receive an email notification about the estimate that was approved.

You can see the individual statuses of the estimates here. Alternatively, you can use the notification panel to view any new approvals of estimates mailed.

You can also see which multi-option estimates have been approved or denied by returning to the Estimation View and changing the Type to Multioption Estimation

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