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A How-To for Hiring Staff for Your Landscape Business

A How-To for Hiring Staff for Your Landscape Business

Your landscaping business is growing, and it’s time to hire some employees to help you take some of the load off and allow for more income. Hiring landscape staff can seem daunting, and you may need help figuring out where to start. Never fear, today we will look at what goes into the hiring process and some qualities you should look for when hiring landscape staff.

Process of Hiring Landscape Staff

First, let’s look at what goes into the hiring process. This should be well-thought-out and systematic.

Create an accurate job description. 

First, know the job you are hiring for, and write down the skills, qualities, and credentials each candidate should have. Next, you’ll want to know how many hours a week you expect them to work and have a salary range figured out, which leads us to the next item on this list.

Research the job market and get an idea of what hiring conditions are. 

For example, are there many other companies seeking to hire landscape staff? What is the going salary for this job?

Get your paperwork in order. 

Having the proper legal documents will streamline the process of hiring landscape staff. Example: will this employee be a subcontractor and require a 1099, or will they need to fill out a W-4 for taxes deducted and documentation with the IRS? Do you have workman’s comp (Or workwomen’s comp)? Will you have your employee sign a contract? Will you have them fill out an application?

Create a clear view of what you will be offering to potential employees. For example, vacation time, sick pay, holiday pay, health insurance, annual salary, or hourly rate should be considered.

Whew! That was a lot. 

The Search.

Let the search begin. Now you’re ready to put a call out for your future superstar employee. You can do this through social media posts, flyers, job posting forums, or networks to find your staff. Ask around through business associates, other employees, and maybe even customers. Recommendations from those you trust are great to ensure this candidate can be an excellent fit for your company.

Resume Review.

The resumes are rolling in, and you are reviewing them to help narrow down who the best candidates are. Here are some ideas to consider when reviewing experience, work history, how long at the job, and references from previous employers 


Often companies conduct multiple interviews for potential employees. Only you can decide if having a phone interview, and then if they do well, an in-person interview will benefit you. Conducting a preliminary phone interview can give you insight into how a person speaks and communicates, and if they are engaging and can eliminate an unnecessary face-to-face interview if they aren’t a good fit. 


Next is the culmination of the entire process. You are hiring your landscaping staff. Salary and benefits negotiation can go here if it has not been discussed or agreed upon. This is where all the initial paperwork you did will come in handy and where they get the rundown of how your company works.

Tips for Finding the Right People for the Job 

Know what you’re looking for in this future employee. This means what qualities and traits. For example, reliability, community activity, field experience, etc. Make a list of what is essential to harmony and growth in your business.

Know what your company’s values are and where that dedication lies. For example, are you dedicated to using eco-friendly landscaping solutions? Are efficiency and affordability prime factors of your business? Knowing the driving factors behind your company can help weed out those who aren’t a good fit.

Communication is key. Look for effective communication in hiring landscaping staff and in yourself. During the hiring process, you can get a general idea of how a candidate communicates by speaking, listening, writing, and presenting themselves. As the employer, it is good to check in with employees regularly, ask how a job went, how it could have gone smoother, and see if they have any questions or ideas. This is important, especially when beginning a new employee/boss relationship, not only for establishing said relationship but also getting this feedback can help you troubleshoot and work on areas that need improvement in your business.

Reliability and Integrity are musts. As a business owner, seek employees you can trust to do a good job, keep customers happy, and consistently show up for work. While there is a certain level of trust you should give each employee, you should still provide management. An app like ServiceWorks can make this an easy endeavor because you can monitor their activities from anywhere using a simple phone app. Easy for them because the intuitive features of the app make it easy to learn. On the flip side, it is also vital for employers to be reliable and honest with employees. From the hiring process, after interviewing them, getting back to them promptly about if they got the job or not, to Paying them on time and regularly and not making promises you can’t keep.

Hiring Landscaping Staff is a Piece of Cake

Let’s recap our main points today:

Hiring Process:

  • Job description
  • Job market research
  • Paperwork
  • The search
  • Resume review
  • Interviews
  • Hiring

Tips for finding the right employee:

  • Be clear on what traits and qualities you want in an employee
  • Know your company’s values
  • Communicate
  • Integrity and Reliability

Now that you know what goes into hiring landscape staff, you can grow your business with confidence and clarity. As the owner, software like ServiceWorks can take some of the stress and mismanagement out of running a small business by keeping you on top of managerial duties such as invoicing, payroll, keeping track of who did what jobs, customer satisfaction surveys, route optimization, and more. This program works like an admin but without the expense of hiring another employee. Best of all, you can try it now with a 14-day risk-free trial.


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