Finance Tutorial

Send Customer Statement in ServiceWorks

Learn how to send statements to show customers summaries of their invoices, payments, credits, and balances.

When customers have outstanding balances or invoices that is overdue, you can send them a monthly customer statement showing month wise job activities and payment details.

Generate Statement

The statements in ServiceWorks is auto generated. You need to only make few choices on how you want your statements to look. Everything else is done for you.

  1. Go to Customer menu and select Statement from there.
  2. Select the Month and Year of the statement.
  3. You can filter statements to show All Invoices, Due Invoices or No Invoices.
  4. You can also filter statements by phone, email, customer name and account number.
  5. Click Search to activate the search.
  6. By default Statements for the last month having All Invoices load up.
  7. Click the statement link to open up the statement.
  8. Total Due Column shows the Current Due always, even if the statement month is for earlier month.
  9. Hide Zero Balance works for current month statement only. If you run statements for previous month, it will ignore the hide zero balance checkbox.

Send Statement

Click the Email link to email the statement to the customer.

You can format the statement email in the configuration.

Add financial charge to Statement

If the payments are overdue, you can configure financial charge for overdue payments.

  1. Go to Configuration (
  2. Click New Charge
  3. Add Days Old and Percentage or Amount you want to charge when it is # number of days old.
  4. Scroll down and then check Add Financial Charge checkbox.

If your financial charge is not setup you will see this red banner on top of Statement page.

If your financial charge is setup correctly, then the additional links will show up in your grid.

  1. Click Get Financial Charge to see the current charge.
  2. Click Apply Financial Charge to apply the charge to the current statement of this month. You can’t APPLY financial charge to old statements
  3. View statement and the financial charge will be visible.
  4. You won’t be able to ADD double financial charge. Once a charge is applied, even if you reapply the statement will not reflect the new charge.

Bulk Apply Financial Charge

You can also apply financial charge all at once, by selecting all the statements and clicking Apply Financial Charge from action button on top right.