Employee Setup

It is crucial for any business to track the employee information correctly.

Go to Configuration (service.works). This is the page where the admin of your account can see the Employee details.

You can create your employee, workers, technicians in here. You can create three type of users in here

  1. User: Who can access web and mobile app
  2. Team: This is a virtual group of multiple users. You can also create an empty team with no users, but then the team won’t be able to login to web or mobile app. You must assign a Supervisor for a team. Team doesn’t have any permissions, but people in a team will have permissions. So when they login to the system those permissions will take effect.
  3. Third Party: If you work with third party contractors or vendors , this is the place where you create them. Each vendor will get only 1 login which they can use to login to the system. Third Party will have the Role of “Professional” assigned automatically.

The first thing you will notice is a grey bar that says 31 out of 50 users. Since Service Works subscription is per user basis, you are limited to create only that many users you have subscribed to.

Create New User

Click the New User button from the right side. This will open up a new window of entering employee details.

  1. Enter the First Name, Last Name , Address, email and phone.
  2. Enter their work start time and end time
  3. Set up their working zone. Even if you set up a working zone for the employee, you can always assign them jobs from different zones.
  4. Set up the number of days then work.
  5. Check the Starting Location checkbox, if you want their GPS tracking to plot in this address.
  6. Set Commission value. It can be hourly, percentage based or fixed price. See Automated commission tracking – Our Blog | Field Service Management Solutions | Service Works for learning more about Commission.
  7. Setup their username, password.
  8. Upload their photo.

Assign Role

  1. Go to the next tab for Assign role
  2. You can select any role you want. For professional role, you will have the option to setup their Average time to complete a job. The value you put in here will dictate the optimization of the job.
  3. You can chose a specific color code for this tech that will be visible in your schedule board.
  4. Check the Create PO option, only if you want this tech to Create Purchase Order from the job in mobile app and responsive view.
  5. Check Enforce Note/ Action if you want the tech to see the complete address after they en-route from mobile app and  forces professionals to put notes when they do re-schedule and complete the job.

You can assign multiple roles to an employee. But as of now the Professional role will always take precedence over any other role.


You can setup specific skills of a professional role employee. By default a tech can have the ability to work on all products. However if you want to specifically assign skills here is the place. The skills here are nothing but Product structure set in your config.

The techs when a they complete a job gets rating from the customer, the rating is visible in this section. That means, if Matt completed jobs related to Bikes and got average rating of 4.5 and 2.5 rating for jobs involving Nordic Track.

Additional Information

You can capture additional information about Professional’s vehicle in the Additional Info tab.


You can create 1 or more teams. Team is basically a virtual entity and a grouping of physical users. Example: you may have 5 users Mary, John, Mike, Barb and Dana. Now with this 5 users you can create as many number of team you want.

  1. Team 1: Mike, Dana Barb
  2. Team 2: Dana, John
  3. Team 3: Mary, John, Mike
  4. And so on and so forth

You can name the Team to mean something for your business. Many people create a team that truly has the name of people under it like Mike and Johns team. Just like User, team is also restricted by subscription plan.

Create Team

  1. Create a name for the team
  2. Enter the start time and end time
  3. Set the default working zone
  4. Chose a color for the team.
  5. Add members to the team
  6. Set a supervisor for the team
  7. Save

Team is a virtual entity and doesn’t have a login credential. People in the team have their login credential that is setup when the employee was created.

Third Party

Third Party user is for creating a login for someone who is not your employee. it could be contractors or other people you need but not essentially part of your organization.

  1. Create a name of the User
  2. Check the Third Party Check box
  3. Enter address, email, phone
  4. Enter the start time and end time
  5. Set the default working zone
  6. Chose a color for the team.
  7. Setup their user credential.

Broadcast Jobs to Third Party Providers

In your business if you use delegate your dispatch work to third party providers, who are not your employees, then this feature will be very important for you.

Create a new Job. If you want to learn how to create a new Job visit here.

When you save the new job or edit an Unassigned job, you will find a Broadcast button at the bottom.

This will open up a popup where you can search your third party providers. You can search providers by

  1. Zone
  2. Name
  3. Address
  4. Zip
  5. City
  6. State

The results of the providers will show up. Then you need to check the providers you want assign and Submit. This will send notifications to these providers by email and phone.

The providers can then login to the mobile app and then go to Unassigned Jobs from the menu. They will see the unassigned jobs in the app. and they can assign the jobs to themselves. The admin has to approve which third party gets to do the job.