Jobs Tutorial

Dispatch your Job

We have a reserved Job status called Dispatched in ServiceWorks. When you assign a technician to the job and the job status is scheduled the technician would see all the jobs in their dashboard. But you can chose to not show all the jobs to the technician immediately. After scheduled, if you want to wait till you actually Dispatch the job to the techs, you use the dispatch status.

  1. Either you can show the Assigned jobs to technicians like before
  2. Or you can change the status of the job to Dispatch and technicians will only see the Dispatched jobs in their Job List.

How do you dispatch job?

  • Navigate to Configuration->Admin->Permission
  • Select the Role Professional from the Role dropdown
  • Check the Dispatch checkbox from the Job box

Why can’t I see jobs in the app?
If the Dispatch status is checked in the permission the jobs will not show up to technicians when it is scheduled. It will show up only when the status is Dispatched

  • Then Navigate to All jobs page.
  • Select or check the jobs you want to dispatch
  • Click the Action button on the top and click the Dispatch menu item
  • If dispatched successfully you will get the success message box.
  • The status of the jobs will change to Dispatched with blue circle.
  • You can also see the Dispatched jobs count on the top right box.
  • When the jobs are dispatched , your technicians can see those jobs in their Dashboard.

You can’t dispatch a Job that is Unassigned or Canceled. You need to assign technicians to a job before it can be dispatched.


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