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Marketing Tips For Service-Based Companies

In any industry, marketing is essential to growth and success. When you are in retail, marketing products may seem simple, but in a service-based company, creating a campaign around the selling of services maybe a little more daunting. In this case, you are essentially marketing yourself and your team’s ability, which requires a different approach than a product’s marketing.

Service-based Marketing

Service-based marketing is rooted in self-promotion, which does not always come naturally to some business owners. Self-promotion can become much more manageable by focusing on connecting with existing and potential customers. Here are a few techniques that will get you pointed in the right direction to help you develop robust marketing strategies.

Community Connections

Connecting with your community is a powerful way to market your service-based business. When you join local professional groups and become involved in charitable events, you can network with other companies that embrace cooperative interaction. You can establish yourself and your company as a reputable source for the community for the service you provide, which gives you a competitive advantage over businesses that may not be engaged in the community.

Consider Ways to Incentivize

Providing customers with incentives to choose your company’s services can reel in customers with minimal expense to you. If your industry is competitive in your region, the right incentives can help win over potential customers. Consider promotions that bring people to your business, provide deals on service packages, and give bonus services with the upgrade’s purchase. Think about what you would find attractive in a sale and build your promotion from that standpoint. If the promotion has value to the customer, the customer will respond.

Value-Based Competition

In competitive markets, industries can engage in price wars. However, customers understand that the lowest price doesn’t necessarily mean a better value. Marketing strategies should evaluate options that add value to a service or promotion, not merely to beat competitors’ pricing. Consider achieving optimum value by using promotions such as ‘bundling.’ In service-based businesses, bundling additional services to enhance an offer can make a drastic difference in the promotion value.

The Bottom Line

Your marketing campaigns’ success will depend on the quality of your promotions and your ability to communicate that value to your target market effectively. Marketing is not a one size fits all endeavor for service-based companies, and you will learn which promotions provide the most significant ROI for your specific needs. The bottom line is that if you provide customers with high-quality services through your professional management practices, marketing yourself and your company will be more simple than you may anticipate.


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