How to add Item to Inventory

There are three ways you can add items to your inventory.

  1. From The Inventory Page
  2. From The Job page while adding parts to it
  3. From Mobile App while editing job.

Before you can add items there are few setup necessary. Let’s go over those first.

Inventory Settings

Inventory has 5 sections.

  1. Location Type
  2. Locations
  3. Manufacturer
  4. Distributor
  5. Auto Save

Location Type

This is the place to setup your inventory location category or types. This includes service vehicles also. You can click on the new Location Type button to add new record. The bin format is as follows: “#” Represent number and “A” represent character here. If you type ##AAA#, then 45BGU8 will be a valid Bin.


This is the actual locations of your inventory including the physical address of the location. You can also add bin number.


You can list out all the manufacturers and brands you use for your parts, materials or supplies. Click New Manufacturer button to add new manufacturer. Then Click the View button in the manufacturer row to add multiple Brands for that Manufacturer.


List out all the Distributors from whom you buy parts, materials or supplies.

Note: You at least need one Distributor to be able to create Purchase Order

Edit Distributor

Click on the edit button from Distributor listing and you can edit information in there. You can add name, website, phone number, email, address, zip, state, city for the distributor.

We also integrate with many distributors for automatically pulling part information. In that case you need to enter the User Account Number of the distributor and the login username and password to integrate with their Api.

You can set status to active or inactive

You can choose if the Parts covered by warranty needs use the cost or price of the parts.

You can multiple contacts for the Distributor. You can map Manufacturer and Distributor to say that you get certain branded products from this Distributor.

Auto Save Inventory

This flag enables the automatic update of your inventory when we pull parts from other sources.

Module Visibility

Set the module visibility for Inventory and Model search.

Product Family

This is the place where you can define the Product or Equipment or Asset you perform any operations on. This could be used if you are in the business of renting out equipment or fixing equipment. This list could also be used to define the capabilities required to perform a job. This is a 5-level nested hierarchy. So think more like what type of skill set your team members need to have and design your Product hierarchy based on that.

Some examples

Add Inventory from Inventory Page

Go to the Inventory Item page. Click new button from the top right.

This will open the inventory item edit page.

Fill in all the needed information. and Save it.

There are 4 things that need to be pre-configured before you can add an item to the inventory.

  1. Brand/ Manufacturer(Required)
  2. Distributor (Optional)
  3. Product Family (Required for Serialized Item)
  4. Product (Required for serialized item)

To important parts of the inventory item are Chart of Account and Price of Item

This is the chart of account that needs to be set if you are pushing your data to QuickBooks.

Show Distributor Price on Invoice: This setting if checked on ALWAYS pulls the distributor item price( if ServiceWorks is connected to the distributor, means pulls the pricing )

There is a global setting for Show Distributor price on Config page. If you check/uncheck on the global setting it will ask if you want to update all your inventory items to reflect this change.

Add Inventory From Job Page

You can start with 0 inventory and still be able to add parts to a job and in the inventory when you add the parts to your job. The video below will show you how to do it.

Add Parts from Mobile App

You can add parts to your inventory from mobile app as well. The following video shows you how a new part is getting added from the Job/Estimation from mobile app.


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