Release Notes

Release Notes February 2021

  1. Product Images
  2. Bulk Job Creation from Customer
  3. Map Page Performance
  4. Photo/Video in Mobile App Messaging
  5. Multiple login for same customer in Customer Portal
  6. Scan Model/Serial Number of Product in mobile app

Product Images

Upload up to 5 photos for your product. The photos can be of the equipment itself, or the model or serial number. Whatever makes sense to you. The photo are visible from the job page, and also for field use from the mobile app. Easily create a product for a customer. Upload photos!

View from Job Page

Bulk Job Creation from Customer

Do you need to create bulk jobs from a specific type of customers? Now you can easily create multiple jobs from Customer Page. You can classify customers by lead status and filter the customers by a specific status in the customer page. Then go to Action and Create Jobs to create multiple job at once. Saves you a lot of time!

Map Page Performance

The map page has been enhanced to toggle between real time view and historical view. You can see the real time route of only one employee at a time.

Photo/Video in mobile app chat window

You can send photo/video from the field to your peers or Backoffice easily using the Message feature in Service Works Pro. Go to More–> Message –> Select the person you want to chat with. Then add text/photo/video and send.

Multiple Login in Customer Portal

You can create one login by yourself in the customer edit screen. However we can enable multiple logins for the same customer. You need to send us files with the login data and we can add it for you. Multiple logins will keep track who changed/created what, but we can’t create separate roles/permissions for different credentials at this time.

Scan Model/Serial Number of Product in mobile app

Go to a job or estimation. Open the Product. You will see a Icon on the top left, click it to open the barcode scanner. Select what number you are scanning and it will populate the scanned number in the appropriate text box.