With the Manufacturer settings, you can create and assign manufacturers and their associated brands within the ServiceWorks system. This process is crucial to the creation of inventory items, as a manufacturer will need to be designated before the item can be created within your account.

Here’s a brief tutorial on how to access, create, and manage your manufacturers and brands

To begin, click the cogwheel in the toolbar to open the Configurations tab and navigate to Configuration → Inventory Settings → Manufacturer

In the following manufacturer menu, you’ll be able to view, edit, and delete any created manufacturers and their associated brands. To create a new manufacturer, click the New Manufacturer button

You’ll be presented with the following options when creating your new manufacturer:

  • Manufacturer Name – Enter your manufacturer’s name
  • Abbreviation – Enter an abbreviation for your manufacturer’s name. This will appear when selecting your manufacturer within ServiceWorks
  • OEM Number – Enter the manufacturer’s OEM number for parts (if applicable)
  • Part Submission to Warranty – Use this dropdown to determine whether to submit the Cost or Price of the item to warrantied claims

When finished, click Save to continue, and you’re newly created manufacturer should appear in the previous list.

Now that you’ve created your manufacturer, you can also create associated brands with the selected manufacturer

In the manufacturer menu, click the View link under the Brands column for your selected manufacturer

Once clicked, a list should appear with the brands currently created and associated with your manufacturer. By default, the manufacturer name will also be created as an available brand. To create a new brand, click the +New Brand button

And in the brand screen, you’ll be able to enter a Brand Name, Abbreviation, and Account Number for your specified brand. When finished, click Save to continue

And now your new brand has been established for the manufacturer. There isn’t a limit to how many brands or manufacturers that can be created, so please feel free to use as many as your business needs require.

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