The Location setting can be used to identify where you keep your inventory items stored, as well as other contact information for your location. Here’s how to set these up within your ServiceWorks account

To begin, click the cogwheel icon in the toolbar to open the Configuration tab and navigate to Configuration → Inventory Settings → Location

In the Location menu, you can view, edit, and delete any existing locations you’ve entered here. To create a new location, click the New Location button

Next, in the following popup, you’ll have the option to enter the following information for your designated location:

  • Location Name – Enter a desired name for your inventory location
  • Sub Type – Use this drop-down to designate between the two sub types for locations: Location and Truck
  • Location Type – Use the drop-down to assign a created location type to this location
  • Contact Person – Enter the name of the contact person for the inventory location
  • Contact Phone – Enter the location’s primay phone number
  • Address – Enter the address and zip code / pattern for your inventory location. The city and state (or province) will populate after the zip code has been entered
  • Bin – Using this field, you can create individual bin numbers to organize your inventory in this location. Enter the desired name for the bin and then click the Add Bin button
  • Default Location – Use this checkbox to mark this location as your default inventory location

When finished with your selections, click Save to continue

Now completed, your new location will now be available to assign and store your inventory items within your ServiceWorks account

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