Product Family

Product Family refers to the organizational hierarchy applied to inventory items or products. Creating and assigning product families is essential if you plan on selling serialized items or if you perform maintenance on products such as appliances, fireplaces, etc.

Here’s a walkthrough on how to create, assign, and use the product family settings within ServiceWorks

To begin, click the cogwheel on the toolbar to open the Configurations Tab and navigate to Job Settings -> Product Family

Next, you’ll be presented with the Product Family menu, where you can view the current family trees set up within your ServiceWorks account. To create a new Product Family, click the New Product Family button

When clicked, you’ll be given the option to name your new product family name. For this example, we’ll name this one Product Family. Once finished, click Save

Now that you’ve saved the product family, you’re ready to add a product detail, the next descriptor in the product family tree. To do so, click on your created Product Family, and click the Add icon

Once clicked, new text field will appear under the product family. Enter the product detail name in this section, then press Enter to finalize your changes. You can also use the Edit and Delete icons to edit the names of your family details, or delete them

Our product classification has five levels of hierarchy:

Product Family
Product Line
Product Type
Product Sub Type

The first two levels are mandatory for product definition; the remaining three levels are optional. Here are some examples of a typical product family tree:

  • Appliance -> Dishwashing & Sanitation -> Dishwasher
  • Refrigeration->Freezer->Side by Side
  • Fireplace -> Electric -> Wall Mounted

Now that you’ve created your product family, you can assign them to new and existing inventory items. To start, click on the Inventory tab on the toolbar and select Item

Next, when creating a new item or editing an existing item, look for the Product Family and Product fields

Once located, use the dropdown field to select the desired product family and product detail, then click Save to keep the changes.

Now that you’ve created and assigned a product family, you can now define them when adding items to items

Or even when adding bundles to invoices

You can also set the product family when adding items via mobile app as well

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