Job Status

Job Status refers to the current state of a scheduled job. Within ServiceWorks, you’ll have a preset list of job statuses as well as the ability to create your own custom statuses. Here’s a brief overview on how to view, create, and manually assign a job status.

To reach the Job Status menu, click on the cogwheel in the toolbar to open the Configuration Tab and navigate to Job Settings -> Job Status

In the job status menu, you’ll see the option to create a custom status using the fields below. Here’s what each of them corresponds to:

  • Status Name – Use this field to configure the name of your custom status
  • Status Color – Select a color code for your new status
  • Status Image – Upload an image here to appear alongside your custom job status. This will be visible in the Schedule view and on the All Jobs page

Once you have finished configuring your new status parameters, click Save to create your new job status.

Under the new status creation panel, there’s a list of all the current job statuses within your ServiceWorks account. You can use the edit icon next to the delivered / completed and custom statuses to change the name, color, or image using the fields above this list.

Below is a list of each status and what they pertain to (Note: Not all Job Statuses are automated. The ones that aren’t will need to be set manually within ServiceWorks):

  • Unassigned (automated) – This job status will appear if a job has been created but has not yet been assigned to a technician
  • Scheduled (automated) – This job status indicates that the job has been created and assigned to a technician, but has not been started or completed.
  • Cancelled (automated) – This status indicates that the selected job has been cancelled
  • On Hold – The on hold status is for jobs whose work has been paused, whether it be waiting for an item, technician, or customer response
  • Ready To Be Rescheduled – This status is reserved for jobs that are now awaiting either a technician or schedule reassignment
  • In Process – (automated) This job status occurs when a technician marks themselves enroute for a job, showing that the service is in the process of being completed
  • Delivered / Completed – This job status indicates that the technician has visited the location and completed (or delivered) the selected service or items
  • BO Ordered – This job status indicates that there are items on this job that have had to be back ordered
  • BO Received – This job status indicates that there are items on this job that have had to be back ordered and are now received
  • Pending – This status is reserved for broadcast jobs that are currently awaiting a response from technicians or contractors
  • Confirmed – This status is reserved for broadcast jobs that have been accepted by a technician or contractor
  • Dispatched – This status is reserved for broadcasted jobs that have been dispatched to technicians or contractors to accept
  • Purchase Order Cancelled – This status indicates that the purchase order created by this job has been cancelled
  • In Prep – This job status is for jobs that are still being prepared, be it the details of the job or the technician being assigned
  • Known Issue – This job status is for identifying known issues that are preventing the job from becoming completed
  • Prepay – This job status is used to signify jobs that are part of a prepaid service, where no payment will be collected upon completion

From the Desktop:

To apply a job status, create a new or open an existing job and navigate to the Job Information panel. From there, use the Job Status dropdown box to apply a job status

From the Mobile App:

Open a new or existing job in the mobile app and click on the description tab (Note: Your description may appear differently if you’ve entered text in this section already)

In the Description menu, click the Status dropdown box to view all available job statuses

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