Location Type

Using the Location Type settings will allow you to define the locations in which your inventory is store, as well as create the format for bin organization. Here’s how to use this feature within ServiceWorks:

To begin, click on the cogwheel in the upper right corner to open the Configuration tab, and then navigate to Configuration → Inventory Settings → Location Type

In the Location Type menu, you’ll be able to view your saved location types as well as create new ones. To create a new location type, click the New Location Type button

Next, in the following popup, you’ll have the ability to provide the following information for your inventory location:

  • Location Code – Enter or create a desired location code for your location
  • Location Type – Enter the type of location. This can be along the lines of warehouse, truck, or whatever serves your specific business needs
  • Bin Format – Enter your desired bin format here, using the “#” for numbers and “A” for characters (i.e. – if you type ##AAA# as your format, then 45BGU8 will be how your bin number will appear)

You can use the Do you want to add warehouse code to include a warehouse code with your location type.

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