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SMTP Setup for Personalized Email

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which is a standard commonly used to send an email.

Within the ServiceWorks software, you can send multiple notifications to your customers and employees. By default, all the notifications are sent from the contact@service.works account. But if your customer needs to reply to your email and establish communication with you directly, you will need to configure your company email as the email sender.

To begin, click on the cogwheel in the toolbar to open up the Configurations Tab and navigate to Notification -> Personalized Email

In the Personalized Email menu, you’ll have the following options available for enabling your personalized email account:

  • Personalized Email – Enable this checkbox to use your personalized email information (Note: This MUST be turned on or else this process will not work)
  • SMTP Server Address – Enter your designated SMTP server address. This will vary depending on which email service you decide to use
  • Port – Enter the SMTP server address’s associated port number.
  • Email From ID – Enter your preferred email address here
  • SMTP User ID – Enter the User ID from your selected SMTP server here
  • SMTP Password – Enter the SMTP Server Password (or key) here
  • Is SSL Enabled – Use this checkbox to indicate if SLL (Secure Sockets Layer) is enabled on the SMTP server

Once you’ve added all the relevant information here for your SMTP server, click Save to continue

Once setup, we recommend sending a test email to verify that the setup was successful

The following are the ways you can configure different SMTP providers:

Go Daddy












Outlook / Office 365


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