Integrating Square with ServiceWorks

Here are instructions on how to set up and integrate your Square account with ServiceWorks:

First, you’ll need to access your Square account. If you haven’t set yours up yet, we recommend doing that first and then returning to this tutorial. Once your account is setup, head to https://squareup.com/us/en/developers and click on the Developer Dashboard link in the upper right.

In the following menu, scroll to My Applications and click New Application to open the app creation page.

From the New Appliacation screen, enter Application Name as the name of your business and select Create Application.

Next, you’ll be taken to the Credentials page (if not, use the menu on the right to reach this page). Once there, scroll down to where it says API Version and click Change Version.

Now change your API version to 2019-06-12.

NOTE: You will only be able to integrate Square with the 2019-06-12 version. All other versions are currently incompatible with the ServiceWorks platform.

Now that you’ve changed your version, its time to copy and paste your API credentials into ServiceWorks. You can find those by returning to the credentials menu and clicking the toggle on the lower left from Sandbox to Production

Now you’ve enabled Production mode, you will be presented with an Application ID and a Personal Access Token. You will need to copy each of these into ServiceWorks to integrate your Square account with our software. Save these for later when we navigate back to the program.

Next, navigate to Locations from the left sidebar menu. In that menu, you’ll find your Location ID. You will need to either copy or write this down as well.

Now that you have your Application ID, Personal Access Token, and Location ID, head back to ServiceWorks to enter the information. From the home screen, open up the configuration tab using the cogwheel in the upper righthand corner and navigate to Configuration -> Payment Gateway and click on the Square icon.

Here you can input the credentials from before. You’ll need to enter them as the following:

  • Application ID = API Login ID
  • Personal Access Token = API Transaction Key
  • Location ID = API Location ID

Also, be sure to enable the card for both web and app transactions, as well as choosing which types of cards you wish to accept. When you’re finished, be sure to click Save.

Now you are all set up for Square payment processing! We recommend processing a payment for $2 to test and see if the payment gateway is setup properly.

Note: The pre-authorization function in ServiceWorks will not work if you use Square as your payment gateway

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