Job Type

Job Type refers to the type of service being requested. For example, if a customer were to call to request someone come by and quote a repair for a broken appliance, then a quote or estimate would be the Job Type.

Creating and allocating Job Types in ServiceWorks can provide an additional layer of organization, technician assignment, and be utilized for analysis and reporting.

To begin, click the cogwheel in the toolbar to open the Configuration Tab and navigate to Job Settings -> Job Type

In the Job Type menu, you can view a preset list of Job Types. You can use the pencil and bin icons to edit or delete any of these preset types

To create your own Job Type, click the New Job Type button

In the following popup, you can name your new Job Type. For this example, we’re going to name our new type “Maintenance“. You will also have the option of setting a color coding to this job, which will assist in being able to check your schedule for these jobs at a glance. Once finished, click Save to continue

Once you’ve created your Job Types, there’s a few ways you can utilize them within ServiceWorks:

Schedule Filter:

Job Types can be selected from within the filter panel in the Schedule view, giving you a quick overview of which job types are assigned to currently scheduled jobs

Technician Assignment:

Job Types can be assigned when creating new users, enabling or restricting specific technicians from being scheduled for specific Job Types (i.e.: This technician in the example below would only be able to view, service, and be assigned to jobs with the Job Type of Estimate or Maintenance)

From Desktop:

Create or open an existing job, then scroll down to the Job Information section

In this section, use the Job Type dropdown box to assign a Job Type to the job. The dropdown also functions as a search bar, allowing you to manually type in the name of a Job Type previously saved in your settings.

From Mobile App:

From the mobile app, open a job and scroll to the Description section. (Note: This section may appear different if a description has already been placed in the text field)

In the Description screen, select the Type field dropdown field, and select your Job Type from the list. Press OK and Save when finished with your selection

Once created and assigned, you can generate a report based on the Job Type specified on the job ticket.

From the toolbar, click on the Reports tab and in the following menu, click on Jobs by Job Type report

As the name states, this report will generate a list of jobs based on the Job Types selected in the filter. (More on how this report works: Jobs By Job Type)

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