Site Settings

A brief overview of the Site Settings menu:

Account ID

This section will contain your unique account ID. This ID number will need to be provided when requesting help from our support team, as well as to assist our team in quickly and efficiently identifying your company

Account Information

  • Company Name – Enter your company name here. This name will be present on invoices and other external communications sent to customers
  • Email – Enter your company’s email here. If you use a separate SMTP server, you can use the Personalized Email Setup link to configure your address settings

Company Location

  • Address – Enter your company’s location here. When entered, the address field will auto-populate the address information based on Google Maps API, as well as fill out the zip, state, city/region, latitude and longitude fields.
  • Zip – Enter your company zip code
  • State – Enter your state (or province)
  • City/Region – Enter the city or region your company is located. If this is set to a different location based on your address, you can use the dropdown box to select the appropriate location
  • Phone No – Enter your preferred business number
  • Web Site – Enter your company’s web address
  • Time Zone – Select the time zone in which your company operates
  • Latitude & Longitude – Enter the exact coordinates for your company location. This should auto-populate when entering the address, but can be changed for unmarked locations on a map
  • Tag Line – Enter a company tag line or slogan
  • Show Google Translator – When enabled, allows the Google Translator feature to be visible, which can translate the language of the software

Financial Information

  • Currency – Designate the currency your company will use (Note: Only one currency can be selected per active ServiceWorks account)
  • Tax Rate – Enter the tax rate of your company’s primary area of operation
  • Multiple Tax Setup – For instances where you’ll be operating in areas with different tax rates, use this link to configure multiple rates
  • Applied Labor Tax – If the labor for your services are taxable, or if you’re operating in an area with labor taxes, use this checkbox to enable them within your account. You can also designate the labor tax rate as well.

Company Profile

  • Start Hour / End Hour – Set your company’s hours of operation here. This will also determine the time range in the Schedule view
  • Company Logo – Upload your company logo here. This photo will appear on invoices and other external communications (.jpg or .png files preferred)

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