Job Discussions

Much like the 2-Way Messaging, you can use the Job Discussions feature to send messages and photos about specific jobs between technicians and admins. Here’s a brief walkthrough on how to use this feature in the ServiceWorks Mobile App:

To begin, log into the mobile app to view the dashboard view

At the bottom of the main dashboard screen, you’ll see a Job Discussions panel. When you have pending messages, this section will appear with the number of currently unread messages.

Clicking on the Job Discussions panel will open up the corresponding job discussion menu, which will display a thread of unread messages. In the Job Discussions menu, you’ll be able to see the job’s invoice number, the name of the customer, the name of the technician that sent the message, and the time and date on which the message was sent.

And clicking on the thread brings up an instance of the two way messaging system, where your tech can send texts and upload photos related to the job

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