Shopify Integration

Please follow the below mentioned instruction to integrate Shopify with Service.Works. There will be two-part instructions to make this process easy. The following actions will help you set up an account with Shopify and establish connectivity with Service.Works. 

  1. Log in to Shopify with your credentials  
  1. On the left Menu panel look for  and select that menu option. 
  1. You will be directed to the following Page 
  1. Click on the “Manage private apps” link in the bottom of the page On this Private apps page look for “Create a new private app” option 
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  1. Create private app page 
  1. Please fill the desired private app name and please mention a desired email address that will be used for developer communication regarding your app 
  1. Create private app page- Admin API section 
  1. In the Admin API section under the tab Orders, transactions and fulfillment set the permissions to read and write 

Storefront API 

  1. Please make sure that the check box besides “Allow this app to access your storefront data using storefront API. 
  1. Once everything is set make sure to save the settings and you will be prompted to the following screen 
  1. Once you accept the terms and conditions to create a new private app you will be prompted to Testapp screen which will have the App details like private app name, emergency developer email. These details can help you keep track of your private apps and stay informed about changes that affect your app. 
  1. The Admin API section will have the API key and the password. There is a show password option besides the password which will show the password which is generated, please make sure to save the API key and the Password. Treat the API key and password like you would any other password. 
  1. The password, you need to use the same API Key, Private App Name and the Password in the ServiceWorks to integrate with Shopify.