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At times when using the software, you may run into an issue that you are unfamiliar with or have general questions about how to operate ServiceWorks. This guide will provide a step by step process for the best way to ask these questions or raise attention to any problems you encounter: Creating a support ticket.

Creating a Support Ticket

From the toolbar, click on the down arrow next to your account name and select Help from the dropdown box

If this is your first time using this function, you will be asked to log in or sign up. We recommend using the email that you use for your ServiceWorks account for ease of use and a password you will remember.

Once you’ve successfully signed in, you’ll be presented with a list of the following categories to assign your ticket to:

  • Data Migration – For any questions related to the importing or exporting of data within ServiceWorks
  • Customer Support – For general support questions and issues
  • Add/Edit Reports – For the creation of new data columns or new reports within the system
  • Licensing and Billing Questions – For questions related to your ServiceWorks subscription tier and invoices
  • Suggest Improvement – For requesting new features or updates to existing ones.

When you’ve selected a category for your ticket, in the next screen is where you will define your issue or question in the fields provided. Try to enter as much detailed information as you can, as it will assist our support team in resolving your issue.

Once you’ve finished, be sure to hit Save to submit your ticket.

Checking on your Ticket Status

Once you’ve submitted your ticket to our team, you also have the ability to view and respond to messages from our support team within created tickets. In the upper right hand corner, you’ll see a small button that says Requests

When you click on this, a drop down will appear with all of the support tickets that your have previously entered that are still being worked on. You can click on the ticket number beginning with SS-#### to view the progress and respond to messages from our support team.

Need More Assistance?
Contact us:
Use the chat bubble on our site here
Email: support@service.works
Phone: 636-220-4363 Ext #1


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