Invoice Payment

Distributor Payments

Here’s a brief tutorial on how to process distributor payments within the ServiceWorks software:

From the toolbar, hover over Inventory in the toolbar and select Distributor Payment from the dropdown box to access the payment menu. Once you’ve reached this menu, locate the distributor you wish to process a payment to and select Make Payment. For this example, we’re going to process a payment to Misha Enterprises

In the following screen, you will see a list of the invoices with dates, PO number, labels, and amounts owed to the distributor. Select the invoices you wish to process payment for and then click Proceed to Payment in the upper right corner.

Once in the payment screen, it will show a total amount due based on the invoices that were previously selected. Enter in the payment amount, date, and and type of payment then click Save. Once saved, the paid amount should update in the previous distributor list

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