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SWidget – Lead Generator

Here is a brief tutorial on our newest SWidget addition to the software – the lead generation button. This feature, when embedded on your website, allows your customers to enter their information into your ServiceWorks account without having to schedule a job prior. This can be useful for gathering client information and establishing a clear idea of their expectations of both their needs and your services.

To begin, first hover over the Customer tab on the toolbar and select Customers

Next, in the Customer view, click the Get More Leads button in the upper right hand of the menu

In the following popup, you’ll have two options for setting up your lead generator: You can either embed the form directly onto your website or as a button that creates a popup. You can also alter the following:

  • Choose Button Color – Alter the color of the submit / lead generation button.
  • Button Text – Customize the text on the lead generation button (only visible with Popup setting)
  • Lead Status – Designate which lead status the customer information will be saved under (to learn more about creating additional lead statuses, click here)

Once finished with your selections, either manually copy and paste the HTML script (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V) or click the Copy button to save the it to your clipboard.

Now that you’ve copied your code, you can enter it within your webpage. (Note: you may need to consult with your resident webmaster to place this within the code of your site). Once entered, your potential customers will have the ability to either fill out an information form directly on your website or access a popup with the same information

When submitted, your new customer should appear within ServiceWorks underneath the designated lead status

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