Adding Content Categories

When using the ServiceWorks app to take pictures from a job, you may have noticed the Content category list to save those pictures under. But what if your picture doesn’t quite fit one of the preset category descriptions? Well now, you have the ability to customize those fields for your business needs! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do so:

To begin, open the Configuration Tab with the cogwheel on the toolbar and navigate to Configuration -> Job Settings -> Content Category.

By clicking on the New Content Category button, you can create a new category name. After entering the name, click Save to continue

Once saved, the newly created category should be visible within your category list. You’ll also have the option to edit or delete created categories

Note: You will only have the ability to edit custom categories. The preset categories cannot be renamed or deleted.

Now that we’ve set up the new category, it should be visible within the Content tab of the Schedule panel in a job ticket

As well as within the Files and Photos section of the mobile app

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