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Report: Tax Report by Receipt Date

Within ServiceWorks, you can generate a report that lets you view taxable item amounts by the date on which they were created. Here’s how to use this report in the system:

Once opened, you’ll have the option of setting a date range to filter from. This can be set manually or by using the dropdown box to choose a preset increment of time (weeks, months, quarters, etc). When finished, click Run Report to continue.

Now that the information has been generated, here’s a legend for what you’ll see in the table:

  • Name – Name of the customer on the receipt
  • Receipt Date – The date on which the receipt was created
  • Receipt Amount – Amount of item price on receipt
  • Total – Total price of purchase on receipt
  • Tax Rate – Tax rate applied to items on receipt
  • Tax Amount – Total amount of taxes applied to receipt

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