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Report: Sales Tax Report for Delivered Items

Using the reports in ServiceWorks, you can generate one that shows a tax report of all items that have been marked as delivered (or complete) within a designated time frame. Here’s how to use this option within the software:

Once opened, you’ll have the option of setting a date range to filter from. When finished, click Run Report to continue.

Now that the information has been generated, here’s a legend for what you’ll see in the table:

Ticket/Inv – The ticket or invoice number associated with the transaction
Brand – The brand of the item in the transaction
Item # – The number of the item
Description – A description of the item
QTY – The quantity of each item attached to the invoice
Price – The total price of items on an invoice
Tax Paid – Total amount of tax paid on each transaction
Is Taxable – Number of taxable items on transaction
Serial Number – Serial number assigned to items
Invoice Type – Displays the type of transaction that was made

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