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Report: Sales Analysis

In ServiceWorks, you can generate a report that shows a breakdown of all sales within a specified time period by item type, invoice type, or the salesperson attached to the transaction. Here’s a brief explanation of how to utilize this report:

When opening the report, you’ll have the following filtering options:

  • Start / End Date: Set the date range to filter results from
  • Invoice Type: Filter results by counter invoices (POS), service invoices, or all invoices
  • POS Salesman: Filter search results by individual or all salespersons assigned to a transaction
  • Brand/Make: Filter results by an individual or all brands
  • Item Type: Filter item types by serialized, parts, or all

Once the generated, you’ll be able to see the following in the report:

Type – The type of transaction recorded
Name – Name of the customer that received service/invoice
Phone – Customer phone number
Email – Customer Email address
Address – The customer’s current billing address
Invoice Number – The number of the invoice associated with the transaction
Brand/Make – The brand of the item sold in a transaction
Item Number – Number of item logged in the transaction
Serial Number – Serialized number of items in a transaction
Cost – The cost of each individual item in a transaction
Price – The price of each item in a transaction
Discount – The amount, if any, of any discounts applied to the transaction
Date – The date on which the transaction occurred
Salesman – Name of salesperson assigned to the transaction*
Location – The assigned location of each item in the transaction
Product – Displays the product name that an item is assigned to

*Users will need to have the SalesPerson role assigned to them in order to appear in this column

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