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Report: Sales Accounting Report

A sales accounting report is a document that provides financial information related to a company’s sales activities. Specifically, in ServiceWorks, you can use it to track the commission and hourly rates of your technicians in the field. Here’s how to utilize this report:

Once opened, you’ll have the option of setting a date range to filter from. When finished, click Run Report to continue.

Now that the information has been generated, here’s a legend for what you’ll see in the table:

Work Code – Displays the category of the services
Job # – Job number associated with the transaction
Job Date – The date on which the job was scheduled
Company ID – The account’s company ID
Job Status – Current status of the job within the system
Acct Man. – Displays the name of the Account Manager assigned to the transaction*
Sales Per. – Displays the name of the SalesPerson assigned to the transaction*
Sales Per Comm Amt – Displays the total commission amount for the assigned salesperson
Job Total – Total amount of the invoiced job
Employees – Displays the name of any technicians scheduled to be paid the job
Emp Total Comm Amt – Displays total commission amount generated for the technician
Emp Total Hrly Amt – Displays total hourly rate for technician
Emp Total Pay – Displays the total rate of pay by combining commission amount with hourly amount
Budg. Time – Shows how much time has been scheduled for job completion
Act. Time – Shows the actual amount of time until job completion
Variance – Displays the difference between budgeted time and actual time
Total Hour – Displays total hours spent completing the job.
Hourly Pay – Displays the total rate of hourly pay for jobs

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