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Report: Daily Deposit

Within ServiceWorks, you have the ability to generate a report based on all deposits logged within a time frame. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to utilize this:

Upon opening the Daily Deposit report, you’ll be presented with a few options for filtering your results:

  • To Date / From Date: Use this parameter to define the date range to search for deposits logged
  • Payment Type: Select this option to filter by the following payment types: SVC-DP(Service Deposit), SVC (Service), A/R (Accounts Receivable), POS (Point of Sale), Vendor A/R (Vendor Accounts Receivable, or All
  • Payment Mode: Use this option to filter results by the following payment modes: Cash, Credit Card, Check, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), Debit, Applied Credit, Other, or All
  • Card Type: Use this option to filter results by the type of card used for payment

When you’ve selected the desired filters and clicked Run Report, a report should generate that resembles the example below. Here’s an explanation of each column and table:

  • Inv # / Tick #: This will display the invoice/ticket number associated with the deposits logged between the designated date range
  • Acct #: This will show the account number associated with each deposit
  • Cust Name: Displays the name of the customer associated with the account
  • Paid Date: A timestamp of the date and time each deposit was logged
  • Pay Method: The method of payment used for the transaction
  • Type: The type of payment transaction for each deposit
  • Amount: A record of the amount deposited
  • Sales Person: A list of salespersons associated with each deposit transaction (if applicable)
  • Technician: A record of the technician assigned to each job/invoice
  • Payment Taken By: A record of who logged the deposit taken

Below this table should be three others:

  • Daily Summary: This table will calculate the current sum of deposited totals for Cash, Check, and Cleared Payments*
    *(Note: Cleared Payments = Voided payments. To see a detailed list of all cleared payments, navigate to Invoice -> Payment and change the Status filter to Voided)
  • Daily Card Transaction: This table will display the total sum of ONLY card transactions
  • Daily Cash & Check Transactions: This table will display the total sum of ONLY cash and check transactions

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