Ideas: Create a sorting function via “tags”

Would like to be able to categorize customers by more than just “status”, as status only allows us to allocate 1 custom status type to them. If there was a tag system; we could categorize our customers into multiple types, as many as we like, to further funnel our customer list. For example:

John Smith: dogs, monthly client, cash customer, region C, gated community, non-HOA
Michael Jackson: quarterly client, debit card customer, region A, HOA, cats
Hank Aaron: monthly client, cash customer, region B, over 3000sq ft house

and then being able to quickly select any tag parameters we wish, for example I want to sort my master client list to identify all monthly customers that live in an HOA, within region B. Or, I want to identify all customers that have dogs AND live in region C.

This can be huge for re-targeting existing customers, and further understanding nuances to each customer. If I can sort by everyone who has dogs, I can then retarget them to know to bring a dog treat to their house each time, or even print the “dog” customer list and sell a new dog-based product to them.

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