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Report: Customer Visit Report

The Customer Visit Report generates a log of all recorded visits (trips) to your customer’s service location.

Upon opening this report, you’ll have the option to set a specific date range to filter results from. Once finished setting those dates, click Run Report to continue

Now that the report has been run, you should see the following results similar to the ones below:

  • Customer Name – Name attached to customer account
  • Address – Displays current service address
  • City – Displays current city on file
  • State – Displays the state on file
  • Zip Code – Displays the zip code on file
  • Phone Number – Displays the customer’s phone number
  • Email ID – Displays saved email address in the customer account
  • Note – Displays the text entered in the “Notes” section of the customer information
  • Ticket # – Displays the invoice number associated with the transaction
  • Issue Description – Displays the text entered in the “Description” section of the service ticket
  • Service Description – Displays the description of the scheduled service requested
  • Schedule No. – Displays the number of trips for each visit
  • Schedule Date – Displays a date and time stamp of the scheduled visit
  • Tech Name – Displays the name of the technician assigned to the scheduled visit
  • Tech Note – Displays the text entered in the “Job Note” field of the service ticket

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