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Report: Daily Job List by Technician

What this report is used for:

– To show a detailed list of jobs assigned to a technician within a set date range

Upon opening this report, you’ll have the ability to set the following search parameters:

  • Ticket Start Date / End Date – Set a date range to filter your results from
  • Technician – Filter results by technician assigned to the job
  • Customer – Filter results by the customer that requested services

Once finished with your selections, click Run Report to continue

Now that the report has been generated, you’ll be able to view the following information:

Technician – Name of the technician assigned
TechPhone – The assigned technician’s phone number
Role – The assigned technicians user account role
Account – The customers account number
Customer – Name of customer assigned to ticket
Address – Service address of the customer
Primary Phone – The customer’s phone number
Contact Email – The customer’s email address
Credit Limit – The current credit limit set for the customer
Total Amount – The total amount for the service requested
Paid Amount – The total amount that was paid during the trip
Due Amount – The total amount of what payment is remaining
Brand Name – The brand of the item added to the invoice
Appliance – Displays the product family name for the item (if applicable)
Date of Purchase – Displays the date on which the item was purchased
Model# – Displays item model number (if applicable)
Serial# – Displays item serial number (if applicable)
Dispatch# – Displays the dispatch number of the trip (if applicable)
Authorization# – Displays the authorization number attached to the trip (if applicable)
Ticket# – Displays the invoice ticket number
TripNo – Displays the number of the trip for the scheduled service
Status – Displays the current job status of the invoiced ticket
Ticket Create Date – Displays when the ticket was created within ServiceWorks
Issue Description – Displays the text in the “Description” field of the job ticket
Source of Call – Displays the call source assigned to the job
Type of Call – Displays the call type assigned to the job
Visit Date – The date of when the technician visited the service location
Assign Time – The time and date on which the service was scheduled to a technician
Estimated Duration Mins – The estimated time the technician was assigned to complete the trip
Job Note – Displays the text in the “Job Note” field of the job ticket
Down Payment – Displays any down payment amount collected during the trip (if applicable)
Visited – Displays whether or not the customer has been visited as of the generation of the report
Completed – Shows whether or not the trip has been marked as completed
IssueResolved – Shows whether or not the issue was resolved during this trip
Remarks – Displays text from the “Trip Note” section of the job ticket

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