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Setting Up Contracted Users

As you run your business with the ServiceWorks software, you may decide to use contracted or third-party laborers to carry out your scheduled services that are separate from your regular employed staff. Here’s a walkthrough on how to set up and broadcast jobs to contracted users, as well as how to request and accept broadcasted jobs from the technician’s view.

Creating Contracted Users

First, you’ll need to set up your contracted users within the system. You can do so by navigating to Configuration -> Admin -> Company Users

In the Company Users list, select the Team tab and then select New Team

In the next menu, you can create the following for your contracted user. Be sure to check the Third Party box to have the system designate them as a contracted worker:

  • Name of the User
  • Address, email, phone
  • Start time and end time
  • Default working zone
  • Team color
  • Setup their username and password.

Once complete, click Save to continue.

Assigning Jobs to Contractors

Now that you’ve gotten your Third Party users set up within the system, it’s time to broadcast jobs to them for assignment

First, create a new or open an existing unscheduled job. At the bottom of the job edit menu, click the Broadcast link

Once selected, you’ll have the option to enter search criteria to filter your registered third-party teams to broadcast the job. You can select multiple contractors to broadcast a job. Once finished with your selections, click Submit to continue.

Accepting Jobs as a Contractor

Now that it has been broadcasted, here’s how your licensed contractors can view and request to be assigned to the job via Mobile App

From the mobile app dashboard, select Menu in the lower right corner

In the following popup tab that appears, click Job Management

In the Job Management menu, select Unassigned Jobs

In the next menu, all unassigned jobs will be listed by the day they are currently scheduled for. Click the Assign Job button to send a request for approval to add the job to your schedule.

Approving Jobs For Contracted Users

Now that your job has been created, broadcasted, and accepted, you are now ready for the final step of this process: Approving accepted jobs.

Navigate to Jobs on the toolbar and then All Jobs

In the All Jobs menu, you can search for the job by its invoice number or by changing the Job Status dropdown to Pending. Once the search is complete, the job should come up with the Pending status.

Next, highlight the three dots at the end of the ticket and select Approve

Once approved, your contractors should receive a confirmation message (if approved for assignment), or declination message (if declined for assignment)

More on how to customize those notification templates HERE

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