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Report – Job Custom Field

What this report does:
– Generates a list of invoices by the custom job fields you have configured within your settings

Upon opening this report, you’ll have the following filter options:

  • Custom Field – Designate the custom field to pull results from. You can select more than one criterion at a time, but you must select an option in this field to generate the report
  • From Date / To Date – Designate the date range in which to generate the report.
  • Customer Name – Filter search results by the name of the customer on the job ticket

Once satisfied with your selection, click Run Report to continue

Now that the report has been generated, this is what you should see in the report:

  • Ticket Number – Displays the ticket/invoice number
  • Assign Date – Displays the date and time in which the job was assigned
  • Trip # – Displays the trip number of the job (if applicable)
  • Account # – Displays the account number of the customer assigned to the job
  • Customer Name – Displays the name of the customer on the ticket

With this report, the last columns will be reserved for the name of the custom fields you designated in your search criteria. In this example, the custom field is Level Type.

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