Reschedule Type

Reschedule Type refers to the overall reason for which a job was rescheduled. For example, if a technician were to arrive at a service location only to find that the customer is not present, they could set the reschedule type to “No Show/ Customer Not At Home”

Reschedule Types can be used as an umbrella term for why a job was rescheduled and can also be used as a metric point for reports and analysis.

To begin, first click on the cogwheel in the toolbar to open the Configurations Tab and navigate to Job Settings -> Reschedule Type

In the Reschedule Type menu, you should be able to view a list of preset types within ServiceWorks. You can use the pencil and bin icons to edit or delete any of these preset reschedule types

To create your own Call Source, click the New Reschedule Type button

In the following popup, you can name your new reschedule type. For this example, we’re going to name our new reschedule type “Technician Unavailable”. Once finished, click Save to continue

Now that you’ve created your reschedule types in ServiceWorks, you’re ready to apply them when rescheduling jobs.

From Desktop:

Open an existing job and scroll down to the Schedules panel

In the schedule panel, click the tab labelled Prof Action (Professional Action)

Once in the Prof Action tab, use the Reschedule link to begin rescheduling the job

In the reschedule menu, you’ll see the following options for rescheduling your job in the example below:


In this section, you can set the date and time on which to reschedule your job by clicking in the desired time slot.

Reschedule Date

In this section, you can fill in the fine details of your rescheduled job, including the time of day, job duration, assign and reassign multiple technicians, and selecting your reschedule type and reason

Shipping and Billing

You can also edit the distributor, delivery site, and quantity of items needed for the job as well during the rescheduling process.

From Mobile App:

In the mobile app, open up an existing job and tap on the Schedule panel

Next, while in the schedule panel, click the green Reschedule button

In the following menu, you can enter the details for the newly rescheduled job, as well as start time, duration, and select a reschedule type and reason. Once finished, click save to complete the reschedule process

Once created and assigned, you can generate a report based on the reschedule type used when rescheduling a job.

From the toolbar, click on the Reports tab and in the following menu, click on Reschedule Report

Once generated, you can view a report with a detailed history of all job that have been rescheduled (for more on how this report works visit our blog here: Rescheduled Report)

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