Instant Booking

Instant Booking – Zone

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In the Zone section, you can designate your area of intended service by setting up zones in your instant booking page. Here’s a brief explanation of how these option work:

  • Page Header – Customize the name for your Zone page. If left blank, this section WILL NOT appear in your instant booking page
  • Text – Here you can enter a message related to your zone setup
  • Zone Image – Here you can upload an image of your intended area of service
  • Enable Zone Restriction – Toggle to enable/disable the zone restrictions within ServiceWorks. The zones can be defined within the Zone Setup link. You can also use the Draw Your Zone link to be directed to Google Maps, where you can outline your area of service for the image upload
  • Assign Tech by Zone – Enabling this will allow you to assign technicians by the zones they have assigned within their User Settings.

Once finished with your edits, click Save to log your changes.

(Note: Be sure to save after making any changes within the instant booking page, as it will not remind you to do so or save the changes if you leave the page)

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