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Instant Booking – Payment

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In the Payment section, you can configure the settings for how payment is taken through your instant booking page. Here’s what each section does:

  • Collect Payment During Booking – This toggle will determine whether your customers will need to pay for their services before scheduling them or be invoiced at a later date. When enabled, you have the ability to choose between a Flat Price or Percentage to take as payment.
  • Pre Authorize Payment – Enabling this will pre authorize a charge to the card used for payment. The amount charged will be processed upon completion of the service.
    Note: The pre-authorization function will not work if you are using Square as your payment gateway
  • Save Card on File – Enabling this toggle will save the card used for payment to the customer’s information within ServiceWorks for future transactions. In the text field beneath it, you have the option of creating a message related to having your customers save their card information.
  • Show Disclaimer – Enabling this toggle will allow for your configured payment disclaimer to be displayed at the end of the payment screen. This will occur if the “Collect Payment during Booking” or “Pre Authorize Payment” toggles are set to ON. Alternatively, you can use the field below to display a custom disclaimer message specific to your instant booking page and process (click HERE for more info)
  • Accept Discount Code – Here you can enable the use of discount codes during checkout. Use the Discount Setup link to configure your discounts.
  • Show Zero Tax – This toggle enables whether or not to display the associated taxes during check out. Use the Tax Setup link to create tax rates if you haven’t already.
  • Round Up the Total Amount – Use this to round up the amount due during payment to the nearest whole number.

The next two options are only if you plan on allowing your customers to choose when they are billed for services (i.e. Monthly, Weekly, and Quarterly payments). If you don’t plan on doing so, you can leave the following blank and continue on to the next section.

  • Custom Label for Next Billing – Here you can customize a message about the next expected date of billing (i.e.: “Your next payment will be processed on:” )
  • Billing Frequency Label – When enabled, gives your customers the option to choose their billing cycle. Use the text field below to create a message (i.e.: “Choose your method of billing”) relating to the billing frequency. You can use the boxes below to enable which types of billing cycles can be selected.

Once finished with your edits, click Save to log your changes.

(Note: Be sure to save after making any changes within the instant booking page, as it will not remind you to do so or save the changes if you leave the page)

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