Instant Booking

Instant Booking – Services

This is part of the Instant Booking tutorial series. To start from the beginning of the series, click HERE

In the Services tab, you can create and edit the list of services available through your instant booking page. Let’s go over the settings within this page:

  • Page Header – Enter a name for your Services page here. If left blank, this section WILL NOT appear in your instant booking page.
  • Text – In this field, you can enter text that gives a brief explanation about your services. You can use the Display Text option to either enable or disable the visibility of the text in this field
  • Default View – Here you can determine whether your services are displayed in a List view or a Grid view.
  • Show Image – Enable/Disable the visibility of associated images with each service.
  • Select Service – Here you can add services to be selected from your Price List by Category and Sub Category (Service Name in Price List). You can also use the Service Setup link to directly access and edit your Price List. Be sure to click the Add button so that you can save your changes.

Once finished with your additions, click Save to log your changes.

(Note: Be sure to save after making any changes within the instant booking page, as it will not remind you to do so or save the changes if you leave the page)

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