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Instant Booking – Customer

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Next, we’ll go over what can be setup within the Customer tab of the instant booking page:

  • Additional Information from Customers – Here is where you will see a list of all the custom fields as well as the types of entry fields set up within your Job Settings. You can use the dot grid on the left to reorder the way they are displayed on the instant booking page.

    On the right, you have the ability to enable or disable visibility for your custom fields with the Show option, as well as enforce completion of these fields in order to move forward with scheduling the service by enabling the Mandatory option.
  • Show Pick Up Address – When enabled, allows for a separate pick up address (or service address depending on your business needs) to be provided during service signup
  • Custom Label for Job Type – Here you can create a custom label for your job types when customers request services through the instant booking page (i.e. Select Your Desired Service). The default for this field is “Job Type”, so take some time to customize the phrasing for your business needs.

Once finished with your edits, click Save to log your changes.

(Note: Be sure to save after making any changes within the instant booking page, as it will not remind you to do so or save the changes if you leave the page)

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