Customer Custom Field

The Customer Custom Field feature can be used to add additional fields to the customer section, storing important information relevant to the customer’s address, account, location, etc. Here’s how to create and view customer custom fields within the ServiceWorks software:

To begin, click the cogwheel in the toolbar to open the Configuration Tab and navigate to Customer-> Custom Field

In the Customer Custom Field menu, you’ll be able to create and view any custom fields previously created. To begin creating a new custom field, start by naming the field in the Label Name section

Next, select the field type for your custom field. You’ll have the choice between the following:

  • Text – This will create a text field, where characters can be entered. You can also select for there to be a minimum character amount for using this field as well.
  • DropDown – This will create a dropdown field, similar to the one currently used to choose between the field types. You can also create the fields in the dropdown.
  • Checkbox – i.e. multiple choice, this field will allow for multiple options to be used and selected
  • Radio – This field will allow for a single choice to be made from multiple options
  • Date This field will allow for a date to be selected from a calendar

Once created, you can locate the customer custom fields in the Additional Information section, whether its in the customer view, editing an existing job, or creating a new one.

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