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7 Bright Ideas for Marketing Your Lawn Care Business

7 Bright Ideas for Marketing Your Lawn Care Business

It’s tough to build and grow any company, and you need fresh ideas for marketing your lawn care business. 

How do you bring in new clients? How do you keep track of those contacts to ensure you’re following up and providing the best service possible? 

Here are some marketing ideas to find more clients who need your services.

Advertise Your Lawn Care Business for Free (or cheap) with Social Media

Social media is one of the best — and most affordable — marketing methods. 

Starting a page for your business is free and lets you utilize paid advertising. One of the best features of social media ads is targeting a very specific demographic. For instance, you may choose men or women aged 30 to 65 who own homes in a particular neighborhood. 

You can also choose parameters that will narrow it down further if there is a particular market you currently succeed with, such as seniors or single women.

Paid social media advertisements are still much cheaper than many forms of advertising. Facebook is the number one social media among adults. You can also have a free or paid presence on other sites like Instagram or Pinterest, where you can post photos of projects you’ve completed.

Start a Newsletter with Special Offers

One of the most important ways a business can get customers is by gathering email addresses for a newsletter. In addition, you can offer an incentive like a coupon or some kind of lawn care-related informational download as an incentive for their email address.

Gather Customer Reviews for Lawn Care and Landscaping Services

You want to inspire confidence in potential customers who see an advertisement, a website, or any other kind of marketing. One of the best ways is by posting customer reviews. 

These can be reviews on your website or another website such as Yelp, a third-party reviewing website. People reading reviews are usually ready to buy products or services, so they’re very motivated potential clients.

Not all reviews may be positive, but one of the most important things you can do when marketing your lawn care business is to show that you professionally and promptly handle any concerns to make the customer happy. 

You can never overlook the importance of excellent customer service. Also, consider advertising on these websites to take full advantage of their free promotion to targeted consumers. Remember, they are often ready to decide who to hire for their lawn care needs.

Check Local Realtors for Lawn Care Needs

You may only think of private homeowners as potential clients, but don’t overlook realtors. Think of all the vacant properties on the market for yard maintenance. That’s a lot of properties with no owner to do lawn care! 

This can be of gold mine for your lawn care business. Plus, you can get word-of-mouth advertising if one realtor recommends you to another.

Commercial Businesses Need Professional Lawn Care Services

Realtors aren’t the only ones who need your services. 

Consider marketing your lawn care business to other commercial enterprises such as apartment buildings, nursing homes, or restaurants. They need to maintain a professional, neat appearance for their customers and clients, and they can make a big difference in your bottom line. 

If the business has more than one location, you could land a contract for multiple buildings.

Look for Local Home Trade Shows and Events

Don’t forget private clients, though. Search locally for events like home improvement tradeshows that are open to the public. You can set up an informational booth and an email list. Offer some kind of small gift or drawing if people leave their email addresses so they can be added to the newsletter list.

Google Wants to Help with Your Lawn Care Business

Google can be your best friend when growing your business. One of the smartest things you can do is claim your Google My Business Page. 

If someone is looking for lawn care locally, your listing may appear on the top right-hand side with extra information such as a link to your website, phone number, hours of operation, etc. 

Grow Your Lawn Care Business Today

All of these are great tools for marketing your lawn care business. But don’t forget more traditional types of marketing such as radio advertisements, TV commercials, and billboards. 

Once leads start pouring in, the sudden influx of many interested customers can be overwhelming without a system for tracking them, booking jobs, and collecting payments. ServiceWorks software can handle all those extra details for you, from managing marketing leads to booking to payment, so you can focus on what you do best — a hassle-free, beautiful lawn that keeps your customers happy. And happy customers will keep your lawn care business booming.