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Top 6 Tech Tools for Cleaning Business Owners

Top 6 Tech Tools for Cleaning Business Owners

You may get frustrated with technology at times, but technology can be a business’ best friend. If you operate a cleaning business, technical tools can benefit your business and make it more efficient. 

Technology can simplify or automate those tedious, time-consuming tasks in your cleaning business: scheduling appointments, managing leads, processing payroll, etc. That frees up time for proactively growing your customer base through marketing. Or maybe you want to free up more personal time to enjoy the fruits of all your hard work.

If you aren’t using these tools, you can bet some of your competitors are trying to establish themselves as the top cleaning company in your area. Using the following tools can give your cleaning business an edge over the competition and help you be more profitable.

Build a Website for Your Cleaning Business

Some smaller businesses are intimidated by the thought of building a website or have balked at the cost of hiring a graphic designer. However, a website can be one of your greatest tools for generating business and finding new leads. 

You can post much more than your services and phone number. Book appointments, provide chat or email customer service, customer reviews, answer frequently asked questions, start a newsletter, and post photos of previous jobs.

If you add an option to sign up for your newsletter, you’ve created a built-in list of targeted, potential customers that have expressed interest in your services. An email list is a golden ticket for any business because you’ve already narrowed down your contacts to people who are interested in your services.

Many sites make the process of building a website easier through the use of templates. You can also customize your site to take orders and schedule appointments. Even if you just put up a simple website through a service like Wix, you take an important step to building your customer base and growing your cleaning business.

Boldly Go Where Your Customers Go

One of the best ways to draw in new customers is advertising on a review site like Yelp or classified ads like Craigslist. 

When looking for services for yourself, how many times have you checked reviews? Your potential private and commercial cleaning clients are doing the same. People checking reviews are usually taking the last step before buying products or hiring services, so you want to make sure they see your business highlighted through reviews or advertising.

You could also ask satisfied customers to leave reviews not only on your website but also on sites like Yelp. Word-of-mouth advertising can be very effective and if they link to your business website, it can strengthen its ranking in search engines like Google.

Learn Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Speaking of Google, learn some basic search engine optimization (SEO) so your business ranks higher when people search for cleaning services. Think of a popular word or phrase people who are seeking a cleaning service might search for in your area. Then use it in page names, headlines, subheadings, and first and last paragraphs. Look at your competition’s pages that are ranking higher than yours in search engines and see what they are doing, particularly paying close attention to the words and phrases they focus on. It takes time, but making sure your website is optimized for search results pays off in the long term with getting new customers.

You can also advertise on social media through free posts, but make sure you focus on a page or group that caters to your target market as closely as possible. For advertising, narrow the parameters of the people that will see your ad. If you serve the Miami, Florida area, you don’t want to pay for an ad that shows up for Seattle residents or teenagers. Get the most bang for your buck.

Getting Everyone in Your Cleaning Business Online

Many cleaning businesses have implemented technology for their employees in the form of smartphones or tablets. These tools let them do things like send an email to each other on the fly or check inventory. 

When you transition all your staff to digital records instead of paper, things like keeping track of appointments are at the touch of a fingertip — no more searching through files or that mess of paperwork on your desk. Just hit a button and you can see the information right on your screen.

Making Bookkeeping Easier

If you want to spend more time on your cleaning business and less time with paperwork such as accounting and payroll, try some of the latest accounting software that can help with payday, billing, and paying invoices. Not only can the software help make daily these processes more manageable, but you can see exactly where your money is going in your business — where you’re spending too much and where you are spending too little.

New Cleaning Business Technology

Wouldn’t it be nice if dispensers for paper towels and soap told you when they’re running low and need to be refilled? No, it’s not a dream or an episode of the Jetsons, it’s reality. Also, consider using some more familiar technology like GPS to keep track of where cleaning crews are working as they go from one building to the next.

If you’re dreaming of more space-age, Jetsons-like technology, never fear. Cleaning robots are turning up in big, affluent businesses, but you can be sure that technology will trickle down to smaller businesses as they become more affordable. 

Track Your Cleaning Service Customers

ServiceWorks offer software that can keep track of all of your customer needs. It does more than keep track of your customer leads and their information. Invoice your customers and process payments online. Juggle your bookings by letting customers instantly book an appointment. That means fewer phone calls for you and more convenience for them.

You can also track employees using GPS and mobile apps. That means you can keep in touch with employees even when there is no Internet available in remote areas. That, along with optimizing routes and schedules, will make your employees and your cleaning business more efficient. And an efficient business is a profitable business. Get your free two-week trial of ServiceWorks software today! No credit card is necessary!


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