Online Automatic Booking and Tech Assignment

Online booking page is an excellent resource to get bookings even in off hours. Now ServiceWorks makes it easy for you to not only get booking but also to assign the relevant job to the appropriate tech based on his skills and availability.

Assign Technician to Job Type

Go to company users. And select the technician you need to edit. Navigate to the Job Type tab. Make sure the employee you select has the role of a Professional.

Add one or more Job Types to the Technician and hit save.

Configure Instant Booking Page

Next you need to configure the instant booking page to allow this job type to be activated.

Go to the Schedule tab of the instant booking page and select the Available Slot by Job Type option. You can show the calendar view as Am/PM or Time Range, it’s your choice. If you select Time Range, make sure you have Time Range configured here.

Online Booking

Your customer when visiting the instant booking page will select the correct job type.

And in the next page they will be able to see all slots that are open or booked based on the technician skills.

When the customer books this job, the job will be automatically assigned to Brian Peters who has the skills for Installation. The automated assignment will create a job of default duration of Bryan’s duration.

Assign Technician by Zone

It is also possible to automatically assign a job to a tech specific for that zone. Go to the Zone tab of Instant Booking page configuration. And select Assign Tech by Zone.

Now if the customers go to the booking and select Installation as Job type and book a job for zone Creve Coeur then the job will be automatically assigned to John Stanley instead of Bryan as John has the skill of Installation and he is Zone Creve Coeur.


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