Release Notes

Weekly Update August 4th

System Patches and Updates for August 4th, 2022

The following issues/patches/updates were addressed in our latest update to ServiceWorks

  • Issues when trying to view certain reports were addressed
  • Adding the tag {ContentLink} to your invoice email template as well as the Job Completed notification will send any attached content to your customers
  • Issues with completing a POS return have been addressed
  • When using Instant Booking Module, the categories can now be manually arranged for displaying on your page.
  • Profit and Loss report modified
  • Appointment reminders addressed, the evening process time has moved from 9pm to 7pm to compensate for the UTC time difference that was causing a 1-day difference.
  • When working with categories in the price list, the category name will now be highlighted
  • The customer notes section on the job details page has been expanded to hold more information
  • Template legend issues have been addressed
  • The issue with the legend map leaving the page and not reappearing when the notification bell is selected has been addressed
  • The issues with inventory item location and history has been addressed

New Feature

  • ServiceWorks payment window is now present. No more getting locked out due to a missed payment.
  • You can now set a disclaimer when taking payment using the external payment method (link in the outgoing email that accompanies their invoice)
  • Cloning is now available for more choices. Clone a job to an estimate, an estimate to a job, and more.
  • The option to delete Estimates has been added
  • New Report, Jobs by Customer will let you run a report using your custom fields, jobs they apply to and income from that job

We update ServiceWorks over a weekend when a patch or update will also affect the mobile app. This prevents our customers from getting an update notice on their mobile devices when starting their workday. Please look for our Maintenance Notification Emails. Please note, the morning after a promotion to the system you may see some temporary slowness when first logging into your account. This will clear up quickly as your system takes in the new updates.