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ServiceWorks Billing Methods

ServiceWorks is continually listening to our customers and implementing new features and functionalities to our product.

In this article, we wanted to cover the different billing methods that we have. Depending on your industry and your billing methods we have one to fit your needs.

Some of the billing methods are:

  • One to One billing – This is the easiest and most basic billing type. You create the job in service works, the job gets done, and you send the invoice.
  • Multi-Trip billing – In this type of billing you have one “job” in service works but that job may have several trips needed to complete that job. Our pest control clients use this option a lot as they may have to go to the house several times before the job is complete. So many trips, but only 1 invoice at the end of that cycle.  Their customer could then be moved to monthly treatments with monthly billing.

You can watch a short video on these 2 styles of billing here

  • Bulk Job billing – This type of billing comes in when you have repeated jobs at intervals. For example, our maid service or bin cleaning clients may go out once or twice a week but they only want to bill their client once a month or may once a quarter.

A little bit longer video showing the setup of this type of billing is here

Even with these 3 billing types, there are many variations possible inside those 3. If you have any questions and would like to go through your billing setup with us, do not hesitate to contact us.

Phone 636-220-4363 Support Option or by Email support@service.works