Invoice Payment

Setting Up Payment Disclaimer Within ServiceWorks

While managing your business, you may encounter a situation where you where you’d like to display a disclaimer as well as collect e-signatures related to your digital payments. The following is a brief description on how to set this up within your ServiceWorks Settings.

First, you’ll need to setup the Payment Disclaimer up within ServiceWorks. To do that, you’ll navigate to Configurations -> Disclaimer to enter the disclaimer information. Click on the pencil icon the ‘Payment’ to access the popup menu to edit the disclaimer.

In the pop-up menu, you can enter a description for the disclaimer as well as custom text for the ‘I Agree Text‘ field. You’ll also need to make sure the ‘Show For External Payment‘ is enabled as well. Once finished, be sure to click save.

Now that your payment disclaimer is setup, you’ll need to add the {PAYMENTLINK} dynamic tag to your invoice email template. You can do so by navigating to Configuration -> Invoice Settings -> Invoice Email Template. Either manually type in or copy + paste the text from the legend and then make sure to save.

Now that your new disclaimer is set up, you can use the preview function from the Invoice Email Template screen to preview both the invoice email as well as click on the link to see where they’ll have the ability to sign the payment disclaimer.