Release Notes

Weekly Update: April 18th, 2023

System Patches and Updates for April 18th, 2023

The following issues/patches/updates were addressed in our latest update to ServiceWorks:

New Features

  • SWiP payment gateway can now be setup and enabled through ServiceWorks. For more information, click HERE.
  • Account ID is now visible within Site Settings.
  • Tips can now be added to invoice payments. For more information, click HERE

Resolved Issues

  • Addressed issues with invoice auto-processing.
  • Resolved problem with exported invoices not displaying company names or correct due dates.
  • Explanation of services now displays correctly between desktop and mobile app.
  • Module visibility for items/parts panel now behaves correctly when disabled.
  • Delete icon for schedules is now visible on all scheduled trips.
  • Latitude and longitude now maintain the same information when rescheduling.
  • Payment receipt now displays correct amount when printed.
  • Corrected issue with zone restriction not enforcing restricted zones.
  • Scheduled trips now reorder correctly when a trip has been deleted.
  • Duplicate customer account numbers can no longer be created.
  • Banner now displays correctly when using recommended size in Instant Booking.
  • Custom field check boxes now carry over to job ticket when created from job in Instant Booking.
  • Commas now separate all email addresses when sending an invoice.
  • Distributor password no longer becomes invalid when changes are made to distributor information.

Mobile App

  • Job tab now displays the total amount of open and completed jobs for each day.
  • Corrected issue with item page not refreshing when submitting PO from mobile app.
  • Restored functionality to the job cancellation button.
  • Additional compatibility added for users experiencing blank screen upon login.
  • Can now search by Job Type and Status in Calendar view.
  • Resolved issue with address search not functioning in Customer tab.
  • Assigned zone no longer changes when job status is changed.
  • Viewing content now opens a new tab instead of downloading.


  • Google Address auto-population now occurs throughout the entire desktop version of ServiceWorks.
  • Character limits have been expanded for custom fields.
  • Distributor password can now be viewed with preview icon.
  • Job Log now displays the origin of a created job.
  • Multiple distributor emails can now be saved when separated by a comma.
  • Cost column added to Model Sell Through report.
  • Can now search jobs by call or dispatch number in toolbar search.

We update ServiceWorks over a weekend when a patch or update will also affect the mobile app. This prevents our customers from getting an update notice on their mobile devices when starting their workday. Please look for our Maintenance Notification Emails. Please note, the morning after a promotion to the system you may see some temporary slowness when first logging into your account. This will clear up quickly as your system takes in the new updates

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