How to Enable SWiP

Enabling SWiP

To begin, open up the configuration tab and navigate to Configuration -> Payment Gateway

In the Payment Gateway menu, click on the SWiP button

In the following menu, click the Please Click Here To Get Started With SWiP button

Next you’ll be presented with a form to fill out with your company’s financial information. Once finished, click Submit to continue.

Once you’ve submitted your information it will take anywhere from 4 – 5 business days for your merchant account creation. Upon signing the merchant agreement from this account creation, you will receive an email with your username and login for the SWIP merchant account.

(Note: This process may take a few extra days if using a non standard plan as it may take longer to create a merchant agreement to suit your business needs)

Generating Your API Key

Now that you’ve received your login credentials, you can head to your merchant account by using the link within your email or navigating to

From the main menu, scroll down to the Utilities panel and select Settings

In the Utilities menu, within the Security Options panel, select Security Keys

And then in the following menu, click the Add New Private Key button

In the following popup menu, you’ll have the ability to set a name for your new key. You will also need to ensure that the associated username is set and the API Key Permission is checked. Once set, click the Create button.

And now when returned back to the previous menu, you should see your newly created key. Use the Copy button to save your API key to your clipboard

Once you have your API key, you can return back to the SWiP payment setup screen and enter it into the API Transaction Key field. From there, be sure to enable the cards you wish to accept, and click Save when finished.

We recommend that once you have set up and enabled your SWIP account to do a test purchase of $1-$2 to ensure your payment gateway has been properly connected.

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